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Disclaimer: I have not read the lean-startup book. I have read the summary of lean-startup methodology.

Considering from my experience with lean methods in general (think Toyota Way), I'd like to share what I think is the best book on Lean in software I have encountered so far: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lean-Software-Strategies-Techniques-....

There are many lessons to be learned from other industries, startups can also learn from projects done in big corporations. There are techniques to obtain what Paul describes as "MVP" - for example Analytic Hierarchy Process. It is a great tool for prioritizing values and requirements coming from many, often conflicting sources. By the way, the book I mention shows practical examples on how to use it in software. What I am a bit worried about is that the lean-startup may be hiding the Lean complexities by forgetting about some of the Lean principles (value, value stream, flow, pull, perfection). They are all very important, choosing one of them (value) over others (flow for instance) is not going to create a truly lean company in the long run.

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