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So once you test those assumptions via elbow grease, do you build out the full product then?

No, Lean Startup focuses more on multiple iterations, aka MVPs. Test the next feature, the next function. This is what ThingShare has been doing all along, while still completing shares.

What people have assumed is that we didn't complete the process, where the website failed to complete the task we took over manually. It worked well, but users were still disappointed by the site (not by us).

Oh, and we have significantly more than 30 users, that was a point in time with a very early iteration.

Yes, Learn Startup focuses heavily on testing so as not to waste resources on a product or feature no one wants. But that is not what an MVP is. The MVP is designed to test leaps of faith. You learn from the MVP, iterate, test again, continue the build-measure-learn loop.

"Every business plan begins with a set of assumptions. [...] Because those assumptions haven't been proved to be true (they are assumptions, after all) and in fact are often erroneous, the goal of a startup's early efforts should be to test them as quickly as possible." - The Lean Startup, page 81

"Unlike a prototype or concept test, an MVP is designed not just to answer product design or technical questions. Its goal is to test fundamental business hypotheses." - The Lean Startup, page 93

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