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There's a repeated language of apologizing and feeling guilty here. I think this is dangerous because it says "I have done something wrong to you, customers, and I know it" and maybe even "and I did it on purpose". It's an invitation to complain, and even to be angry. It's important to apologize when it's warranted, but really I think it might be productive to think exactly about what is "wrong" here and how to address that. Is it because features are missing? Software is never done, toughen up. Is it because they aren't getting what they were promised? As other commenters have said, you want to give them the real product, just use elbow grease instead of technology. Is it because you're taking money? Give refunds or credits as appropriate. Etc. I think there's a way you and your customers can feel good about where you are and where you're going, you just have to find it and keep moving!

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