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see, i don't think i am "fighting windmills", as you can guess, and here's why. the implication of having to change passwords due to this photo is that the only thing between an outsider and the inside was a password. my original comment was that no one had yet questioned the viability of passwords. not a one! so far it has just been "oh, i would have gotten shitcanned for that, lucky him he's a royal" and "oops!" no one on the esteemed HN had spoken up that holy crap passwords.

while my job in infosec isn't related to AAA i know that better stuff exists and that it's in budget and applicable here. i offered some ideas, you offer up criticisms, but i'm still wondering how no one had spoken up about the crappiness of it being 2012 and we still rely on passwords.

just a few days ago this link was posted here:


and also this one from wired:


given all the breaches in the past 2 years by lulzsec and relatives you'd expect a bigger outcry here. nope, not yet.

you honestly think this is the best we have? i sure don't.

here's some (i imagine) better COTS stuff out there: http://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware/yubikey/

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