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A little off topic, but a fault with django-compressor is that if you ever want to use jinja2, it only supports generating the compressed versions on the fly rather than via manage.py - I made a nasty hack that lets us do that but it wasn't easy.

An even worse problem is that you won't be able to transition to using async dependency loading for your JavaScript since there's no way to get the filenames of each compressed bundle that you'll need to pass to whatever lib you're using.

These problems don't apply much when you're just prototyping something, but it turned out to be an awful hole we dug ourselves into when we ran into severe performance bottlenecks with Django's template rendering and serving all our JS on page load.

preach! Haha. Turns out there's more than one way to hang yourself with this stuff. The problems we ran into were similar.

Check out django-require

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