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Show HN: Hey vinyl lovers, Needle launch page
3 points by needleme 1829 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
Hello everybody,

wanted to officially share for the first time the launch page for the app we're working.


It's a free iPhone app - coming soon - for vinyl records lovers, labels and shops. Between a social network and a marketplace. As someone said here on HN "Instagram for Vinyl Enthusiast" well, pretty close!

If you want some more info, just ask.

My only doubt for now is the Instagram field, does it looks like clearly explained how it works? There's a little disclaimer too.

Best, Filippo

P.S. suggestion, ideas or whatever comes in your mind are highly appreciated!

Signed up. Good luck!

I don't really have or listen to vinyl, but I'm a music lover and also love album art.


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