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Maybe focus more on the viable and less on the minimum? Seems a bit long winded when the tl;dr is "We had a few bugs that turned out to be kind of show stoppers so MVPs suck."

The real meaning behind "MVP" is to redefine done as "An executable critical path, and whatever else required for that critical path."

If you build a bridge without handrails, people will still use it if it means they can cross that terrifying chasm that was bothering them before.

If a few planks are using, will they still use it? Some of them will, some of them wont.

If one of the beams is missing, will they still use it? Likely not.

The bridge is different for every company, every userbase, and every industry. But if you're trying to sell people on the bridge, you should be an expert on your bridge. It sounds like the guys at ThingShare weren't.

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