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I'm a little put off by the author's reaction to users suggesting features that didn't make the MVP cut. It's great that your users are requesting features that are already on your roadmap! That means you're potentially on the right track or at least know a bit more about your users.

When you complete them, you can tell your users that, "we listened to YOU the community and have delivered what you have asked for". You'll be able to keep those early users through the early stage roller coaster much more easily.

Your job isn't to be smarter or always one step ahead of your customers--it's to provide value to them so they can't live without you. Otherwise, sounds about right to me =)

Exactly -- (1) you are getting direct feedback, which shows interest and engagement (2) that feedback is pointing in the direction you were already going; shortest path, meet straight line. The main thing is not to put TOO much stock in these requests as people will often ask for many things they wouldn't actually pay for.

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