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Great post. Lean Method likes to portray that it is merely looking for some essential truth. However, I have seen multiple times now where two teams will try to follow lean to validate an idea and one will have it validated while another will fail.

In addition, Lean puts emphasis on isolating variables but I don't see enough about the use of judgement. Instead I read how we should pursue it like a scientific experiment. But what does that mean? In a scientific experiment you are anal about every little variable and constant. Last time I tried to do that while practicing Lean it ended up being the opposite of Lean.

This is more a criticism of how Lean is positioned to new people than the method itself. Most studies I see are not people who are following the specific Lean philosophy but kind of naturally developed their own. Most failures I see are guys finding it difficult to employ judgement after reading Eric's book. I think he can do a better job of explaining nuances and exercising judgement when doing Lean.

Care to share the idea that was validated by one team and failed with another?

That is the problem. It can be the same exact product just a different randomly selected subset of people (or even same people who slept better last night) and you could get wildly different feedback. Reading the book, I thought there was too much faith being put on instantaneous observations, which is are very noisy signals just due to the fact that the world is random.

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