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Whomever put that up will be breached, which is not a pleasant experience. The level of dressing down will be aligned with the sensitivity of the environment the account is used for. In the case of MilFLIP, it's an Internet facing resource so there's nothing too serious.

Milflip's an Internet-based web site for military flight information, primarily approach processes for different places. If it's the same milflip it won't be too serious. The user guide is publicly available online[1], as is the site.

[1] - https://www.aidu.mod.uk/Milflip/help.pdf

Is "breached" a British word for "fired?"

It is (AFAIK) more of a military-specific term, and means being disciplined rather than fired. I believe it stems from a "breach of discipline".

Is it a synonym for, or just a milder version of, what Americans refer to as "court-martial"?

I would imagine that it covers the sort of disciplinary offences where one's commanding officer can impose some form of punishment or official reprimand without there needing to be a court martial. The US equivalent would be, I think, a Nonjudicial Punishment or Article 15.

Purely as an FYI, what Americans would refer to as a court-martial would also be a court-martial in the UK.

I would think it'd be closer to a mast/NJP (non-judicial punishment) where you basically get yelled at, get some sort of grunt duty (cleaning the latrine for a month?), maybe have a note in your file if the CO deems it severe enough.

No, it's basically a dressing down and formal disciplinary process.

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