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> While this may make us feel better, like we all played a role in ensuring that a terrible bill wasn't passed, what it really does is ensure that senators and their staffs will work even harder to make sure we don't see draft bill language

If we just stick our heads in the dirt, congress won't have to do it for us! You're either a moron or a dick. People took action against invasive legislation, and you reflexively belittle them. And that's assuming that your beloved Leahy didn't lie about not supporting said measure. It's not like a politician would... lie

I'm enjoying the irony of this comment calling out another for being "reflexive".

I'm enjoying the irony of you proposing we give our congress critters privacy so they don't have to hide from us.

That is not what I proposed. That idea is dumb enough to explain the vitriol in your original response.

My emotions were driving on that one. My mistake.

Totally OK. That's what message boards are for. And for what it's worth, I'm being pretty unclear in my comments today. Someone else on HN wants to break my jaw for another poorly expressed opinion. :)

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