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If anyone else has this problem, check out http://www.unlockit.co.nz/ from your iPhone. It creates APN settings profiles which can be installed even if your carrier has disabled them.

This does not fix MMS.

Their site simply constructs the same kind of configuration file that Apple's official iPhone Configuration Utility generates. You can override an APN in those configuration files...the internet APN, and ONLY the internet APN. There is simply no place in the iPhone Configuration Utility to specify an MMS APN, and there is presumably no field in the configuration file itself for it to go.

iPhone Configuration Utility, unlockit.co.nz, and all their ilk ONLY fix internet data, and not MMS.

Arguably, people who still care about "picture messages" deserve to get fleeced by carriers. If your Internet APN is working, send and receive emails like normal people.

Still, fuck Apple for locking the user out of configuring their own device, though.

My prepaid flat-rate plan includes "unlimited" SMS/MMS (and don't get me started on use of the word "unlimited" by service providers...). In any case, it doesn't cost me anything extra, and it's way easier to be able to accept and send MMS messages to people in your life who are going to use that channel of communication with you regardless of how many times you tell them to use e-mail to talk to you THAN it is to face them after they've sent you something and then you run into them a few days later and they want to know why you never responded. (EDIT: ...okay, that was a terrible run-on sentence.)

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