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Because APNs don't work that way. There's no "standard" way of doing that. It's not like over-the-air PRL updates on CDMA2K networks. On iPhone specifically, there's only one way of pushing APNs to the phone, and that is if the carrier has a carrier profile. If they wanted to have their own official, Apple-signed carrier profile on iOS, they'd have to play by Apple's rules, which presumably means becoming a contracted iPhone reseller.

Since Straight Talk rides the AT&T network and all of their SIM cards bear the AT&T IIN, there are some additional technical hurdles, some of which are discussed and fleshed out here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=16266984#post16...

Ideally, APNs would just be another value that the SIM card could carry. But I guess since packetized data over GSM predates the SIM card standard, we're stuck with this need to program them directly into the phone.

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