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> Access to information is great but who cares? Do you see many people hanging in libraries instead of going drinking to the bar? No.

Everyone. Because what changed is not only the amount of information, but also the immediacy of access to it. Those people going drinking to the bar quite likely found it on Google before going there for the first time. And those same people now Google up everything they want to know the moment they need it, including many practical things. "Normal" (non-tech) people, from my observation, tend to look up on-line many things in their life, for example gift ideas, travel & tourism information and practicalities ("how to do X").

You could also argue that it is the first time so many people are exposed to such a big amount of cultural work - including pirated movies, music, YouTube and Internet memes. People share common culture across the globe, and the Internet itself slowly starts to behave like a single brain.

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