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Does anyone have any good (read: not micro) benchmarks comparing Server 2012/IIS 8 to Server 2008/IIS 7.5? You'd think it's been available long enough for that, but that does not seem to be the case...

Not exactly what you are looking for, but the bing team posted some perf increases they saw when testing Server 2012 http://blogs.technet.com/b/windowsserver/archive/2012/06/07/...

That looks awesome. I wonder if I dare install .Net 4.5 on my work laptop and see if the development cycles are faster as well. I just hate that one little change in a C# file involves a sloooow msbuild plus a sloooow app pool refresh :-( We're taking almost a minute on a speed quad core i7 machine with SSD.

No - if you look in the EULA, there is a clause which stops you publishing benchmarks, which is just wrong on so many levels.

Long ago, I have decided not to recommend a product whose manuals you couldn't see before buying it. It came from a huge disappointment over ATG's Dynamo web platform that led to a cancelled project and some lawyering. If we could have seen all the documentation, we'd have decided against it.

Benchmarking is the same - unless I can see independent benchmarks (ones not authorized or paid for the software maker, done based on publicly available knowledge on the platform) I'm not buying.

It is crummy that you can't read other peoples perf numbers, that being said, evaluation versions exist for a reason. No need to rely on other peoples generic benchmarks.


Not everyone has the expertise or the time to run their own extensive, comprehensive benchmark suite. It could be dangerous to do so for the uninitiated who may come to the wrong conclusions.

People should however be allowed to make mistakes.

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