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> they're already better in most ways than normal ones - more cost-effective (though it can be vastly improved with improved reliability),... So it's already great, but the reliability issues are incredibly annoying.

She could also be talking about cars in the early days. Perhaps this is an indicator of untapped potential for disruption in this market?

e-cigs are already a big disrupter to the cigarette market. Until recently, these were completely detached from the tobacco companies. I think only in April of this year a tobacco company bought one of the manufacturers.

They are a massive improvement to burnable cigarettes and while the reliability of them is a pain it is improving.

Originally they all tried to look like cigarettes but that leads to compromises like small batteries. The newest models all look a lot less like "analog"s and have bigger batteries and better longevity.

What you say also has analogies with the early days of cars.

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