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The watch that shut down Oakland airport the other day (yfrog.com)
8 points by robbiet480 1619 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

I'm no TSA apologist, and anyone who knows me knows my dislike for not only the TSA but the bizarre and fluid rules and policies that they inconsistently enforce. But everyone knows the TSA exists and their collective lack of sensibility is pretty well-understood by the traveling public (or at least well-documented in the media.)

Can you, as an artist, seriously look at something like that and think "that'll get through the TSA no problem, I think I'll wear it to the airport"?

Yes, I know that we shouldn't have to alter our lifestyles even in the slightest to kowtow the the TSA, it's a matter of personal freedom to wear clothing of your stylistic choices, but even still, my gast is flabbered.

You wear something like that through the TSA, they're going to give you a hard time about it, up to and including throwing you in jail because they're not smart enough to understand logic or reason. If you want to do that, and knowingly expect the consequences of dealing with a knee-jerk government security force, that's fine too.

But is there anyone who's been through a US airport in the last oh, 11 years or so, that truly thinks something like that will just skate through the TSA without issue?

I can see why TSA would have been concerned.

Why does it need so many fuses?

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