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Can anyone confirm this part?

With all that up-and-running, I immediately headed to the Windows Store (the virtual one with apps, not the physical one with Surfaces) to get some apps. Total nightmare. In the ten days I’ve been using the Surface, that Store has either been down or completely unresponsive a large percentage of the time. It just hangs and hangs and hangs, seemingly forever. I restart, re-open and some things work, then it hangs again. I’ve been trying to download one app for days — still no luck. I’m sick of restarting. And the back-button just isn’t working. Joy.

I expect a dirth of apps at the start but this sounds like a PR disaster if true.

On my Surface, I have seen lag in the Store app occasionally, but nothing like this author described.

I suspect one factor that may be affecting a lot of first impressions is that the Windows and Office will be downloading and applying a few hundred MB of updates sometime in the first day or two after unboxing. This is perhaps worthy of some criticism, too, but it's not the normal state of operation.

Disclosure: I recently accepted a position at Microsoft, but in an unrelated part of the company. My Surface was purchased at full retail.

Yea its not true or its authors connection. I have been using Windows 8 for months all day with not one problem with app store. He also says other false statements in article the but its really not worth the effort posting them.

I've had some issues with it being a little slow to display..but usually no more than a few seconds. My bigger gripe with the store is that it shows N updates on the live tile but N-M (with M<N) actual updates available.

Otherwise, I've had zero problems with finding apps in the store...on the desktop and the Surface

While it might be a little overstated for dramatic effect, his overall statement is true. Access to the store is not a given; apps might not download; and restarts are in your future.

I've run into availability issues with the Apple App Store, and they're much less severe. Then again, the Apple App Store is more mature; the Windows 8 app store is new.

I'd like to chalk all of this up to teething pains, but by gum Microsoft has run the Xbox thing fairly well overall, and the lessons should have transferred.

I've been using a Surface RT for about three weeks. I've never experienced anything like what he's describing.

Further, there are apps already in the store for some of the things he mentioned no official apps being available for. Dropbox access is available through a free app named "New File Manager v2", for example. I don't know if he just didn't put in the effort to look for them or purposely used the "official" wording to paint the picture he wanted to, but it's somewhat misleading.

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