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We have, in fact, no way to know if this was actually done by John McAfee. The domain was registered on 11/16/2012 and contains anonomized whois info (not that if it gave an address that would be any different).

It's more like "claiming to be the official blog of John McAfee".

Well, if you want to trust random people on the internet, I can vouch for this site as being the real thing. Some online acquaintances visited McAfee in Belize a year or two ago when he was still on about the quorum sensing stuff. I learned of this site through the same channel.

What makes it more suspect is the blog post explaining many of the techniques he's using to disguise himself. Why would you share that information when you know people are looking for you?

I just read the entire thing and this is what stuck out most to me. The last line of the post you're talking about:

    P.S. No-one at the house, including the staff, know that     
    I am nearby. If the police are reading this, do not 
    randomly round up everyone for harboring a fugitive. Please.
This does not read like a serious comment, maybe he turns to humour in times of desperation but this just seems... either it's fabricated or he's taunting the authorities.

Also he mentions in one post he's short on time and internet access but then in the second latest post it states:

   If I am captured, this blog will continue. I have pre-
   written enough material to keep this blog alive for at 
   least a year.
What's the material about? The attempted capture? The murder? His dealings with the government? Surely he hasn't been expecting this for a long and is only now publishing? If that's the case I might be as crazy as to suggest maybe the murder is his attempt at bringing attention to the corruption. If the corruption is proven true and then the murder may be swept aside as part of it, even if he did it to get the attention he thinks the issue needs.

What about that last part doesn't seem serious to you? To me it reads like he is trying to prevent other people from getting wrapped up in the mess. Seems reasonable and decent enough to me.

Assuming you mean my comment about the last line of the disguise post: He outlines how he's "tricked" the authorities by constantly being there dressed up in elaborate disguises and then says "oh btw, pretty please don't think you can find me by rounding up everyone there"? I don't see how that is anything other than taunting the police, if he didn't want people to be rounded up he wouldn't make them a target by saying he's pretending to be one of them!

Hmm, yes I see what you mean. I suppose maybe I am giving him too much credit by doubting his sanity/reasoning skills.

If he is threatening to expose serious corruption, isn't it at least as likely that someone else would commit the murder to set him up?

To me this blog seems consistent with the comments he's made to Wired etc. He told them details of his "disguises" as well.

I think it's likely a lot of this is disinformation (written by John) to throw the police off.

He could also comment about the last disguise he used after he has moved on to a new one. This would allow him to throw the police off and be honest at the same time.

"Why would you share that information when you know people are looking for you?"

One possible reason (and I'm not claiming this is being done just giving perspective) is to spread disinformation with the intent of creating wild goose chases. Like planting your cell phone on a bus headed in a direction you are not going or giving your credit card to a person at a bus terminal that is traveling to another part of the country.

I can't vouch for any the actual content he is posting, but I can very confidently confirm this is his blog.

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