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> I don't think we should continue to talk like our (western) way of thinking is the 'right' way, and everyone else is 'wrong'.

Yes, there are arguments in the Western canon, but when Milton argues for freedom of expression in the Areopagitica, or Mill in On Liberty, they don't argue that you should support free speech because you're a Westerner. They don't make any special appeals to anyone's cultural situation. They make arguments that have universal application.

When you employ reasoning to advocate a principle, it does not become a territorial principle. It becomes applicable pending counterargument from anyone.

The argument that reasoning itself is a uniquely Western idea quickly becomes self-defeating. Anyone asserting anything has volunteered to follow certain logical rules of coherency, which have been derived in the West through observation, not proscription.

Demanding that others be silent, while you alone can speak, tends towards absurdity regardless of the continent upon which you happen to stand.

I didn't saying anything of the sort. But you dismantled that straw man rather deftly! Well Done!

I was referring in particular to "Human Rights". There are a number of different ways to approach building a productive society. Human Rights are one approach, there are others. Both are rational.

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