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I think you've spent more time reading social news linkbait than actually using ruby or examining its community at the ground level.

> The whole tone of this article is a good example, actually

Hold on there, don't extrapolate whatever shitty article makes it's way to HN or Reddit as a litmus test for a "community" (btw, putting "community" in quotes is pretty condescending in and of itself). This guy has no standing in the ruby community whatsoever. I don't know if he's a good developer or not, but his article is certainly sensationalistic and defensive and won't earn him any respect from any ruby devs I know.

If you were to judge every PL community by their most defensive blowhards then you wouldn't be a programmer at all, because every community will attract some proportion of ignorant coat-tail riders without the courage to confront the real issues of their ecosystem.

The Ruby community's biggest fault is a higher-than-average adherence to fashion, as annoying as that can be from a stability perspective, it's not an unmitigated failing because it means a genuinely good idea may catch on faster.

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