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If we all went around with highly specialised individual definitions

This is not my definition, there are loads of people with this definition.

Rational discussion can only occur once terms have been agreed and defined

Agreed, that's why I made this point. Too often people are only aware of the first definition.

Again, your 'second definition' isn't diametrically opposed to the first, it includes the first. Defining 'racist actions' presupposes a definition race and in turn racism that you can't just toss aside. Defining racism as a systemic disadvantaging of certain races takes as a given the definition of racism as -- you guessed it -- the dividing of people into races and ascribing them characteristics en masse.

Yes, one is a subset of the other, but they are not the same. But ascribing characteristics to one race is not racism. Just like both are subsets of "a human behaviour", which is not racist.

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