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Although this girl might be arrested today, this general trend (growing accessibility to information) will show more and more people that there is a world beyond their immediate experience and what they are being told by people like Bal is false. Bal Thackeray was a bigot. He sought and exploited communal tensions and it's a shame that one can't openly criticize such a reprehensible person. Furthermore, his party Shiv Sena "operates as a network of street gangs" and is holds ideology which isn't far from the Tea Party in America.

While Bal Thakare's politics might be irrelevant in todays times. Do not forget that he was the only voice common people had when Communists/Islamists ruled the streets and the Socialist Congress government ruled as helpless as ever.

When China invaded India, the communist party in India was calling nationwide protests "in support of china" and was running "fund raising drives". That was the first time Bal Thakare turned from a cartoonist to a mass leader.

The political party was truly formed when Islamists forced the central government to change Indian constitution to apply horrible Islamic Sharia law to ensure that a 60 year old lady divorced after 40 years of marriage will not get any alimony from her rich husband. Muslims across the mumbai would then celebrate their victory by blocking the traffic and holding Namaz on streets.

Bal Thakare seemed to be the only voice weaker sections of society had that time. Yes, like all other organizations even Shiv Sena was not perfect and many times local goons and mafias joined this party for their own gains but more or less this party remains much more faithful to common people than the other parties.

1. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shah_Bano_case] 2. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Party_of_India#Commun...]

You will probably get arrested soon :P


Unless they were arrested by the Facebook police, you're discussing Indian politics.

Maybe it's for the girls own safety?

"a mob of some 2,000 Shiv Sena workers attacked and ransacked her uncle’s orthopaedic clinic"

Police did not find that OK. Police just make people obey the law. And politicians write the laws. And back to politics again, so end of the story. Here you can just argue if such laws are OK or not, which will also end in a political debate anyway.

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