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Ask:HN Buying a parked domain from GoDaddy. How'd you do it?
2 points by subrat_rout 1621 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite
Hi, I am interested in a domain that is parked on GoDaddy site. I am trying to contact the owner but GoDaddy is hiding its name behind a paywall and asking for $70.00 upfront +10% commission of the transaction price.

So how'd you it? Any inputs/suggestions and feedback will be great. Thanks.


I lost $70 trying to re-acquire jseliger.com after a screwup that was 80% my fault and 20% Wordpress's fault. At some point I'll write a blog post about the experience, but the big, important takeaway is that GoDaddy itself or a subsidiary of it may be warehousing the domain, or unwilling to sell it. (They've actually been caught doing this: http://techcrunch.com/2008/12/03/godaddy-uses-standard-tacti...).

In any event, when I was panicked I actually paid the $70, only to realize that "Domainsbyproxy" was listed as the owner—which GoDaddy owns!

When I did more research and realized the mistake I'd made, I disputed the charge. I got the $70 back but will never get back a) my dignity or b) the domain name.

If they do not want to sell the domain then why they have parked it on their site. Just to collect adword revenues from keywords? That is a very un-business way of doing business.

Read the URL the commenter you replied to posted. It answers your question.

Thank You.

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