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Absolutely. His intent was to provoke "in the name of art" and it cost him. Idiots like this just help to validate the roles these TSA take up. A slap on the wrist and a 'go away now' wouldn't stop other idiots from attempting the same thing.

At least they caught the guy - imagine how he'd try to paint the TSA as useless if he was allowed on through.

You poke the bear, you get the horns.

1) If he wanted to provoke in the name of art, then it didn't cost him, he managed to achieve his objectives.

2) Being able to smuggle a watch through security at an airport wouldn't be grounds for much celebration.

3) What kind of bears have horns?

4) We don't know the full details (the official story could be wildly exaggerated), but if the TSA over-reacted then it doesn't really matter what the intentions of the artist were. If the artist was just a dude with a strange watch or if he was trying to show us the limits of our freedoms, our freedoms are still limited.

What of free speech? And the roles you think this validates of the TSA? As fashion police?

But why is there a need to poke the "bear" anyways? You obviously see that the TSA is something to be feared, why should it be feared by those who mean no harm? Food for thought.

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