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> Show me a community college course on computer science that's better than or equal to the least of these:

> Affording tuition is not the only constraint that limits people from attending a traditional university.

When I say that 70% is not good enough and HEY maybe we should try for 100%, you tell me that MAYBE praise progress then.

And then you come around and say HEY my examples like community colleges and scholarships are only 70% maybe try for 100%! Does this sound familiar yet?

> Praising progress and providing constructive criticism need not be mutually exclusive.

So provide some constructive criticism, rather than saying "70% is awesome because CHEAP so who cares about quality".

Here's some constructive criticism for you: turn the anger down a bit. It's a conversation, not a fight to the death. Second, learn how to write coherently. It helps if you want to be understood.

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