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Ask HN: A service to process hundreds of checks?
3 points by cdr2 on Nov 18, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
Hello fellas,

I've this interesting question. My company accepts payments via checks also and recently we've started getting an increase of number of users who prefer to pay by check. As a result we've about 340 checks to process this month. I've been doing it manually at ATM and it sometimes takes me two full days to deposit all checks one by one.

Therefore my question - does anyone know a service that would automatically process checks for me?

Any decent bank will offer you a check scanner [1] for a business account. A few also have smartphone apps where you just take a picture of the check, but the scanner's faster. Depositing them one by one at an ATM is crazy. Even before this modern tech, you wouldn't deposit checks one at a time, you just add them all up on a deposit slip and deposit them at once in an envelope.

Don't be afraid to talk to your bank. They have people working there every day just to help you with things like this. Ask your teller and they'll sit you down with someone.

1: https://www.pnc.com/webapp/unsec/Blank.do?siteArea=/pnccorp/...

Most banks will give you a check scanner you can feed checks into at home to deposit them.

Do you not have a bank with actual tellers inside?

Of course, I do have a bank. Do you mean that I can give the checks to tellers and they will do it for me? (All 340 checks? It will take the teller 2-3 straight days.)

Tellers will simply check the math on the deposit slip, make sure the checks are endorsed, they use a scanner to actually process the checks.

Check with your bank. Many have policies designed to increase revenue and do things like charge you if you use teller more than n times per month.

Why are you only depositing once per month (that is what it sounds like you are doing)?

Are you in the USA?

I'm in France and these checks are US checks. I go to USA once per month to collect them (they are sent to a PO box) and deposit them. That's why I only do it once per month.

I'm actually unfamiliar with the deposit slip. My bank's ATM simply takes checks one by one and I use my credit card to log into my account to have them deposited into my account. Can you explain what deposit slips are?

I shall check with my bank, thanks for suggestion. When I opened my account they simply told me to do it at an ATM.

Some PO box places forward, you might want to look into that...

Deposit slips are itemized lists for what you want to deposit, like XXX in cash plus YYYYY in checks. You list each check out with the check number and the amount. Then you simply write the total and hand the entire bundle to the teller. They'll reconcile it later.

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