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I'd like to know what others think about other podcasts he's listed (especially, http://www.coreint.org and http://developingperspective.com). I was never a B&A fan, but enjoyed technical episodes of Hypercritical (those about programming languages, time machine, file systems, etc.) immensely (even though they were inaccurate at times, but John would address those in the next episodes and all of us would be wiser). Do you recommend these podcasts, or any other podcasts like those I mentioned from Hypercritical? Thanks.

+1 for Core Intuition and Developing Perspectives. Identical Cousins is a bit of a "meh", to my ears. Haven't listened to any of the others (giving debug and CMD+SPACE a try now).

If you want technical stuff, check out Edge Cases (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/edge-cases/id538007855).

I'm so ashamed of myself now... It never occurred to me that I can fire up iTunes and search for, for example, cocoa or test or bdd in Podcasts...

Thanks :)

Haven't listened to any of those, but scanning through the topics they are too iOSy, Mac newsy for me. The echo chamber of Mac news is too big for me right now to add another podcast.

On the other hand, I couldn't say for sure why I was listening to B&A. Maybe because Marco is a person with many hats & interests and the podcast wasn't focused only on Mac news?

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