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Funny to see this, since I just recently thought about unsubscribing from B&A in Downcast. The thought would have never crossed my mind a few months ago, but Marco's right.

Episodes started veering into niche discussions specific to iOS developers (see the episode on in-app vs. iOS-level settings). Occasionally Marco and Dan would discuss the mobile market but their opinions are established after >100 episodes, so we never saw any surprises there. The overall effect, though, was a show that felt "ready."

I'm one of the people that emailed or tweeted at Marco whenever I disagreed with him, but I'll miss this show. B&A started two years ago when I was just wrapping my head around Python, and I really enjoyed hearing people geek out about development (and coffee and cars and...) during a time when I was just realizing that an engineer's life doesn't mean writing some terrible language alone in a cubicle.

Thanks to these guys for the good run. Siracusa will have to fly the geek banner a bit higher now.

Ironically, I actually just started listening to Build and Analyze a few episodes ago, because I was like "wow, this is lots of great details about iOS app development and design!"

One person's trash...

started veering into niche discussions specific to iOS developers

These discussions are exactly why I started listening to B&A in the first place.

I didn't really care for endless rehashing about how 'there's no tablet market, only an iPad market' and so on and so forth.

The coffee and cars stuff was interesting as was the specific discussions on being an iOS developer.

Would have been nice to have some more photography discussion as well as I got the feeling that both Dan Benjamin and Marco Arment really geek out on photography.

Well, hypercritical is done now too so there goes that idea.

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