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It's pretty well written, and decent reading for a beginner. You do name this a C# tutorial, so I assume your objective is to teach new programmers the C# language.

To that end I'd say that there are many such resources already, and ask what you intend doing better than established tutorials?

Ever since I discovered the formal world of architecture I've thought of doing a tutorial that starts at the end. Describe a simple problem, for example order entry. Then identify the high-level components, e.g. Order Manager, Customer Entity, Data Access Component, and so on. Use a diagram, a bit like the component model at http://wittenburg.co.uk/Entry.aspx?id=5919c0a5-dcb5-4e5d-be0....

Then create a new blog post/chapter on how each component is built, integrated and tested. Finish off with a very real deployment scenario, such as Heroku. Or Azure.

THAT, I think, would be of huge value to aspiring developers.

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