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We're top-voting this comment, folks?

Really? That's how we want to encourage the next generation?

Age is entirely relevant. In having youth, OP is sitting on a one-shot mass of potential energy that can be channeled in a multitude of ways. Among other things, by including age, OP is perhaps asking to be encouraged that yes, this is a valid and worthy combination of talents and ambitions. That this work shows potential and can lead somewhere.

The prosperity of my country, and of the human race altogether, absolutely depends upon swelling the ranks of STEM professionals. Our future requires we encourage our youth down the very challenging road of developing their minds.

So when one of those indescribably valuable minds comes to town seeking the support of the elders, we say fuck yeah, good job. You're doing it right. How can I be helpful on your journey?

OP, I know nothing about Node, but I nonetheless encourage you to continue your quest. We need you to keep loving this, even though it's hard. Keep it up. You'll get to help define the future.

Shouldn't a threshold for "good job, you're doing it right" be a bit higher, than an iPhone game or an image processing module?

Like launching your code into space? Or solving a major machine learning challenge?

Well, if we have to write computer programs for our own brains, I suppose the rule should be that the level of praise should be based on a combination of the usefulness of the project combined with the effort that went in to it. Usefulness because it is good to know how to find out what people want, and effort because kids have a very hard time sticking to stuff for extended durations.


Very simple. A threshold for an outstanding achievement by a school kid is a solid, noteworthy, postgraduate level work.

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