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The thing I notice about a lot of software/games/whathaveyou made by people <18 is that it basically fits my expectations ("Nice going kid! This looks meh. I'll reserve any critique as you're 15")

Looking at this module, had you not informed us otherwise, I would have not have guessed the person that made this was 15. It's impressive both in its focus and goals, and having no prior experience with IM/GM I'm now even more interested in using this as a pickaxe.

You should be proud of what you've done outside of the fact that you're 15 - it's really cool!

If you're looking for praise because of your age+abilities I would warn you that this praise is short-lived, and efforts to do so can backfire to the delight of douchey tech writers: http://gizmodo.com/5830076/how-i-made-a-15+year+old-app-deve...

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