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I take your point, and with the benefit of hind legs it does sound a little like I'm venomously anti-safety/lycra, which was not my intention.

In fact I did have Lycra shorts on for this ride, always use lights at nights, and wear a helmet for most journeys I make. I've also frequently ridden clad head-to-toe in a certain stretchy fabric.

It's just for this particular outing I wanted to emphasise the fact that you don't need loads of special equipment to ride a bike - as I think this is a misconception that puts a lot of people off getting on a bike in the first place. The more cyclists there are on the road, the safer it becomes for all of us.

CycleLove has covered naked riders, pro riders, pregnant riders and slow riders... I don't really mind how people ride, so long as they enjoy it, and don't endanger other road users.

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