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> Most young Republicans are fiscally conservative and socially apathetic.

I might have completely nonrepresentative acquaintances, but the young Republicans I know are mostly evangelical Christians, and definitely not apathetic on social issues. They are however more socially liberal than older evangelicals on certain generational issues; e.g. you won't find many people under 30 who want to re-introduce laws criminalizing sodomy.

edit: And actually on the flip side, I'm not sure they're fiscally conservative. Compared to older evangelical leaders who strongly support the Reagan-era evangelical/business-conservative-alliance, among the younger generation there seems to be more skepticism of markets, and focus on poverty/inequality as issues.

This maps pretty well to my own experience. I find that the young Republicans in my slice of the Northeast are overwhelmingly social conservatives, for reasons they frequently cannot elucidate. I have encountered few genuine "fiscal conservatives" (that is to say, those who are not "cut everything I don't like, but keep spending on the military!"), and the few I have generally prefer to call themselves libertarians.

I would also note that there are plenty of social regressives/fiscal apathetics who call themselves "libertarian" because it doesn't have the stigma of "Republican".

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