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landr0id 514 days ago | link | parent

I think that ImageShack still imposes bandwidth limits and other restraints. I can't see why anyone would use it over another service like imgur.

tripzilch 513 days ago | link

Depends on what you use them for. Services like ImageShack and Photobucket keep your images around, while (last time I checked, which is admittedly about a year ago) Imgur's FAQ says something about deleting old images that haven't seen any traffic for a certain timespan (at least 3 months, IIRC).


rplnt 514 days ago | link

Imgur has some restrictions as well. It's their (Imageshack's) "view image" pages that are horrible.


jonknee 514 days ago | link

Any host is going to have restrictions, but Imgur will not take your image down for bandwidth reasons.


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