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The XML URL is calculated by taking the image's filename (minus the extension), calculating the MD5 hash of that + a static salt (which is visible in the source), then replacing the image extension with the first 10 chars of the hash + ".xml". Example [1]. What type of third party would they be giving this API to?

[1] http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/3432/as8132329zz9.d907da5...

That link is 404'ing for me. Did they close this already?

They 403'd this specific link it looks like. An image I uploaded about an hour ago seems to be working still. [1] is the data it returned for the 403'd image. Here's [2] some Ruby code if you want to try it out yourself

[1] http://pastie.org/5393401 [2] http://pastie.org/5393444

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