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Yes, this. I would love to read a post about why the OP developed this module and how he got inspired/mentored towards it, but when evaluating the usefulness of the module itself, the age mention kind of throws me off. The OP wants an honest critique, I have to fight against the inner urge that thinks: "eh, why even bring up this issue, the dev is only 15 years old and is just trying things out. Good for the OP"

Alrighty, here's a bit on development/inspiration.

It started a couple weeks ago with me working on some internal projects. Talking with my bosses (I intern at a company called DIY), we figured the best solution would be to use GraphicsMagick. However, looking at the libraries available, they were a bit weak for what we wanted. So, I got to work. After some toying around with concepts, I decided on the task-based system. It kept things clean, but still allowed for extensibility. My bosses really helped me out to keep it clean and make sure my code was optimal. Fast forward to now, and there's wizardry!

If you (or anyone!) has any questions, feel free to ask them.

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