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Hi all! Thanks for the great feedback. I did realize the title might have been controversial, but I have a small argument for it.

A few weeks ago, there was the 14 year old who posted their rad iPhone game on HN. Their post did inspire me to post my own work. I have a tiny hope that someone else who's doing something like I am will see this and post their own work. I doubt it, but you never know! :D

I'm currently in University studying Comp Sci; I can say with confidence that the level of competence demonstrated by you doing this surpasses the majority of my peers and your work-ethic is certainly much higher than those of us who have skills.

Good show dude! Keep up the awesome stuff and you'll have money & praise showered on you.

It's commonly known, especially on HN, that self education works much better than any school. I too surpass pretty much everyone at school because I started programming much earlier.

The thing I notice about a lot of software/games/whathaveyou made by people <18 is that it basically fits my expectations ("Nice going kid! This looks meh. I'll reserve any critique as you're 15")

Looking at this module, had you not informed us otherwise, I would have not have guessed the person that made this was 15. It's impressive both in its focus and goals, and having no prior experience with IM/GM I'm now even more interested in using this as a pickaxe.

You should be proud of what you've done outside of the fact that you're 15 - it's really cool!

If you're looking for praise because of your age+abilities I would warn you that this praise is short-lived, and efforts to do so can backfire to the delight of douchey tech writers: http://gizmodo.com/5830076/how-i-made-a-15+year+old-app-deve...

Ignore the obligatory haters. These kinds of posts are inspiring for younger HN readers and a collective kick up the arse for those of us burning a few more candles.

This is a perfect reason to have sub-communities. There's nothing inherently wrong with stating your situation, and some people will love this. Others will be grumpy and feel the title is being manipulative. If this had a specific sub-HN (category) to post it into then people could simply unsubscribe to it if they didn't like it. It would be a place for different groups to gather around and feel apart of, welcome to, and then if a post is mis-categorized then it can be properly categorized to avoid all of the negative and non-constructive commentary. Glad you followed up on here. Your reasoning I imagine is what many people figured was happening.

Never mind the bollocks, who flamed you for the title.

You did it right, your posting got 85 points, so far. Its on HN about for 10 hours. So around 8500 people did read your page. This will likely triple by the long tail of twitter and facebook.

Well done. Tomorrow about 24000 people will know that you are a great coder. That all that counts.

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