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And I don't see why this comment is relevant.

Seriously, I'm down voted to obscurity because I don't see the relevance in some asshole picking a fight with a 15 year old kid? Releasing your own node module (or any code fo that matter) is something most developers never do, they are consumers of these packages, never contributors. You can look at the stats, it's pathetic. But a kid who can't legally dive a car releases a module. That's great, and whatever head up the ass mentality that brought hacker news to dump on this kid is simply ignorance if not pure jealousy. Way to go kid, don't let these dipshits discourage you. You're a better developer than the two late twenties, college graduates, that I have working for me.

I upvoted you. HN has a lot of haters. I got downvoted too before.

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