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I don't think that "From Holden" campaign is either of the user behaviors you describe, though I agree that the tendency seems to be moving from crowd-funding to pre-ordering.

The "From Holden" campaign seems to be more about market testing and broadening their reach. With the amount of work they'd already done, they had a product they were ready to start selling and could have set up an on-line store from day one. The low target ($5000) basically guaranteed they could run off 500 or 1000 units and move them out the door immediately.

Since most of us could throw that amount on our credit cards with ease, the only rational reason to run the kick-starter campaign was to make sure the product was wanted before committing to production.

I'm not saying this is all bad ... in fact it's way better than the campaigns with cool ideas but backed by founders with no idea how to deliver. I guess what I'm really saying is that there are more than two reasons for kick-starting.

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