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At that point I start by offering 25%, yes 25%, and seeing where he wants to go

How is this any different than requesting a blowjob in the parking lot to every woman you encounter in the gym or grocery store? Occasionally your insulting offer will work. It will work a very small percentage of the time, and meanwhile, you gain a reputation as an annoying douchebag that will follow you around 100% of the time.

I'd rather just take or leave the deal at the asking price, or something reasonably close to it, and get on with my day.

Appart from the fact that the analogy isn't nice, you seem to misunderstand the process of haggeling. I personnaly don't like to haggle or people who try to haggle with me just for the sake of efficiency. But in some places or with some people haggeling it is a must do if you don't want to end the day as a chikken without feathers. In north Africa and Middle Est it is common practice. So in south of France where many north Africans are living, haggling is an expected practice when making deals from person to person. If you are not doing this, then you are considered to be an idiot.

Appart from the fact that the analogy isn't nice

And trying to chisel a 75% discount out of everyone you buy from is?

Whatever society it is that you're talking about isn't for me, I guess. Sounds like a lot of work.

I am From south of France where there aren't many north Africans. In every shop I know I've never seen someone haggle. I don't haggle. My friends don't haggle. Ny neighbors don't haggle.

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