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"Throwing Hollywood under the bus could pay dividends for GOP"


Republicans have suggested pivoting their platform in a free-internet direction.

Provided how little Hollywood is intent on helping them in any way, I don't see any downside for them. On the contrary, exposing some D congressmen as a puppets of Big Business - in this case, big entertainment business - can allow them to counter frequent similar claims from the D side. And given the skepticism of the R base about any extension of the government powers, as I said, no downside at all. I only wonder why there's not more of this.

There's not much downside from antagonizing Hollywood in particular, but there are plenty of non-Hollywood copyright interests, some of whom traditionally swing GOP, such as segments of the recording industry (e.g. Nashville). Though it's quite possible they're losing some of their influence within the party, especially since the departure of Sonny Bono from Congress.

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