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This is a _Republican Study Group paper_ that argues for the reform of a critically important regulatory system because --- and they lead with this --- it "Retard[s] the creation of a robust DJ/Remix industry".

I mean I'm not arguing, it's just hard to take that seriously as a Republican policy position. How big is the "DJ/Remix industry"? How big could it ever be? We have empirical evidence, because (according to this paper) other countries have robust DJ/Remix industries.

The reforms at the end of this paper all seem totally sensible. It'd be great if this stuff happened. But be honest: even if we adopted every single reform in the paper, most infringers today would remain infringers, their liability would still be denominated in the tens of thousands of dollars, and it would remain just as illegal as it is today to run businesses predicated on copyright evasion.

They don't 'lead' with that. That example appears on page 4 of a 9 page document. It is the first example they use to illustrate the effects of current policy.

The way your comment reads it sounds like the entire position paper is based on the DJ/Remix industry example.

I mean to point out that it is their first argument for what is wrong with the copyright system in a numbered list of wrongs.

Obviously the "DJ/Remix" industry is just an example of something that (it's hoped) a wide audience can relate to. I think it's a trial balloon to see if there's any chance of finding a new issue on which the party can resonate positively with younger voters.

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