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Hackers wanted for early-stage big data YC startup
1621 days ago | hide
We are a group of big data experts annoyed at the lack of simple, yet efficient tools for today's data problems. So, we started a company to make big data analysis as easy as Google made search.

We are building an analysis engine in the cloud that is fast, flexible, and easy to use. With us, customers are up and running in hours, not months. Our initial customers are web 2.0 companies that use our engine to gain deep insights into their users’ behavior. We have great traction and are looking for great people to help scale our technology and our team.

We are looking for:

- web developers (front-end): to build clear, intuitive visualizations for complex data. (We're fans of D3.js).

- web developers (back-end): to support a multi-tenant, scalable service

- systems and/or linux engineers: to automate, scale, and optimize the core analysis engine (built in C/C++/Python).

We like developing new technologies that are technically hard, fun to use, and seem like magic. Having recently finished YC, we are still early enough that you will help us define the company and its culture.

If this sounds exciting, drop us a note at bigdatayc@gmail.com with a resume, profile, or background info. We will get back to you, and tell you more about us.

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