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I think the world is getting somewhat bamboozled here. Many of the commenters here correctly noted that induction motors (IMs) are brushless and have no permanent magnets too. Each tooth on the stator can pull the rotor towards it as well as push it away. This is not so for switched reluctance motors (SRM) of this company. The stator teeth in the SRM can only pull the rotor towards it. This is the reason for its worse performance than an induction motor for any given size. Also, SRMs tend to be much louder than IMs or permanent magnet machines. As for any claims of efficiency, the way to think about it is any motor type can be made as efficient as you like so long as you don't care how big it gets. You need to compare motors of the same size to each other before you see differences between the various types. And SRMs that this company is persuing are the worst of the bunch.

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