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Ask HN: Why do you think YC rejected your application?
4 points by giologist on Nov 16, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments
Why do you think your application to YC got rejected?

Fairly certain it was our video. We didn't see the specifics of what they want until it was too late.

our video was scripted and cheesy.. Wasn't genuine. There was also some editing done. We also didn't mention our product or vision at all... We had a separate demo video for that as its an iOS app ( which wasn't even watched).

I'm guess our team video pretty much turned them off, and they didn't even bother with the demo. Which is a shame as we feel ( and have been told) we are doing something really disruptive. Oh well, we will still move forward and depending on where we are in development there is always next time.

I'm a single founder with a non coding background looking to make a website.

These are two things that I can fix and I'm planning on doing so before I apply next time. I already have users waiting to use the system, I just need to make it.

If anyone is in NYC and wants to work on a website to change the way scientific communication takes place, hit me up:) I'm going to start being more aggressive in picking up co-founders soon as I need the technical help.

To a great extent it is a sheer supply-demand problem. I would not take it personally. Would be very nice to get reasons but I guess it is the same as in job and college applications. You rarely know why...

Something in my written application or video -- since they didn't try the beta site we've built

Reposting from another thread:

I think pretty much all teams are great. Perhaps there isn't a very specific reason for rejection once you get past by the alumni (biased) filters and is evaluated by PG himself.


I dare YC to choose 10% of teams at random next time, not even reading their application. I bet the results will be the same, if not, better than the average.

"I dare YC to choose 10% of teams at random"

That doesn't sound like a good idea. First, the sample size is going to be pretty small if they do that. Second, there are some team/people that have to simply be made of fail, you can spot from the start that they will simply not make it.

How about, why did you apply to Y-Combinator? You can get a job, make 20k in about six months, and then fund yourself and enjoy 100% ownership.

You're severely missing the point of YC.. it has almost nothing to do with the (initial) money they give the teams.

Yeah, what am I missing? In my view if you can start a business, you can start a business. If you need to be incubated... well that kind of takes the fun out of business.

Networks. Besides (and I'm arrogant as hell, have several accomplishments under my belt etc...) if you don't think these Judges and their guest speaker can help you then you may be "too" arrogant. It's always heathy to learn. This isn't on of those (excuse my French) "bull poop" HOW TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR class. It's an elite network for advanced networking and help.

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