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I took his advice and Googled "Dead Sea Cosmetics". Apparently one of the WikiLeaks diplomatic cables had details about a company exploiting young Israelis, to take tourist visas and sell these cosmetics in malls.


Hah - years ago, my aunt was stopped in a mall by a young Israeli guy selling these products. She mentioned that she'd been to the Dead Sea on a trip to Jordan and seen them selling similar products for a fraction of the price.

The salesman, unfazed, asked her if she was perhaps mistaken and thinking of the 'Red Sea, because the Dead Sea is in in Israel[1]'.

Thankfully, my aunt taught history, so she knew her geography well enough to know that he was just trying to pull the wool over her eyes.

[1] Which is technically true, since it sits on the border. But I wouldn't tell a Canadian that they were mistaken, because 'Niagara Falls is in the US'.

A bit more than technically true. The Dead Sea is an Israeli icon...

Abe, I think you missed the point - Niagara Falls is (partly) in the US and is an American landmark, but I wouldn't tell a Canadian that they were 'mistaken' about visiting Niagara Falls on a trip to Ontario 'because Niagara Falls is in the US'.

It goes deeper than that. As soon as I read "skin care products at the mall" I immediately thought, "I wonder if the sales person was from Israel". I honestly didn't think I would see that addressed.

Do you remember those Zoom Copters that used to be in every single mall across America?


Wow, it's not every day that someone can get personal sales lessons from a potential spy! ;-)

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