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Sales guy tried to embarrass my boyfriend into buying a huge watch once by questioning his manhood. "A real man can carry off a watch like this"

I burst out laughing and asked the salesman, in no uncertain terms, if he would like to borrow my tape measure.

I was searching for a new car about seven years ago. I talked to a few dealerships but was uncertain exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to shop around a bit and see what was on the market since I hadn't really paid attention to new cars in a while. I left my phone number with a couple places and had instructed them to call me if a specific car that I was looking for came in.

About a week later, I was out of town at a funeral. My phone buzzed (vibrate mode) and I glanced at the number and realized it was one of the car dealerships. I clicked the button to send the call to voice mail and then shut my phone off since the buzzing was distracting.

After I left, I checked my voice mail only to find that the sales guy seemed offended by my sending him to the voice mail box. He yelled at me and questioned my manhood - "Oh, so you're not a real man, I see! A real man talks to somebody. A real man doesn't just avoid calls."

I couldn't believe he did that. I went back to the dealership after I got back into town and got ahold of a manager. I had him bring the sales guy over too. I played the voice mail for both of them and then told the sales guy that "a real man deals with the consequences of his actions."

He lost his job that day.

I apologize, as was off topic. Your comment brought bake that memory and made me rage a bit so I figured I'd post it up as another example of a poorly attempted manhood-questioning sales technique.

You probably could have used that piece of evidence to get a real killer deal on that car ;)

> He lost his job that day.

How do you know that? I think it's silly to go back there just because of a voice mail...

Today, it's a customer who is so pissed off that he brought in his cell phone and went out of his way to call you over and play it for you.

Tomorrow, it's the local ABC/NBC/CBS affiliate hungry to fill their "Tonight, We Fight For You!" consumer protection segment asking you for response (five minutes before air so they can say you didn't respond when asked), because the next customer just went straight to them.

I bet he really was fired.

> I bet he really was fired.

If he did make lots of sells I bet he is still there, and the boss is laughing all the way to the bank.

That must've taken some courage to play the message in front of both the manager and the salesman. Obviously the salesman should be called out, but that's no easy task.

heh, I'd rather this particular sales technique died a very quick death.

But back onto topic.

For the dead sea sales folks. People should probably ask if the sales person has ever been to the dead sea, and have they ever seen the effects of stripping the sea of it's mud.

cool they responded appropriately tho

I'm trying to think why you would ask someone if they wanted to borrow your tape measure in uncertain terms, and how you would do it.

You bring up a good point and that's that alluding to penis length comparison by mentioning a tape measure is not "no uncertain terms". "No uncertain terms" would mean saying, "I resent that implication. Let's compare the length of our penises."

I actually said something like "do you really want to have a penis measuring contest?"

Being somewhat coarser language than I would normally use online, I decided to initially use a euphemism here while suggesting that other language was used.

Exactly, but I was afraid it was too pedantic to just point it out :)

I used slightly coarser language because I was getting quite angry at the sales pitch.

Ah, I was just amused by the thought of someone saying "perhaps you would like to borrow a measuring device maybe, if and when I felt like lending it to you. Maybe".

Presumably to measure the exact dimensions of the afore-questioned manhood. I haven't heard that expression before either. :)

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