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Hey everyone - Ayo from Hipmob here. We released Couple as our first open-source chat project. The focus is to show any developer how to build a user-to-user messaging app using Hipmob's libraries - we'd love any comments, suggestions or feedback! (ayo at hipmob.com) - sorry this isn't reflected in the title.

Cute, apart from the part where ... sigh. The more software stops being stupid about what gender mixes you should have in relationships, the more it annoys me that nobody ever considers that not everybody is (or wants to be) part of a simple pair bond.

Facebook hasn't figured this one out either; you'll find most poly/etc. people on there either have their status set to "single" or "it's complicated" (there was a fantastically funny day some years ago where all such people I know deleted our relationship statuses simultaneously, causing mass confusion to the people only casually following our existences).

I feel like this isn't really useful feedback on a toy app but ... it would be nice if people wouldn't cast monogamous pairbonding as the only relationship type that "really" exists. I don't feel discriminated against, as such, but I do sometimes feel a little omitted :)

Ayo from Hipmob here. You make fair points (I've actually had a number of conversations specifically about this in the last couple of weeks) particularly in light of some recent political scandals. I have you thought through what an alternate (non poly) app/language set would look like? How would you describe it to the people who it's for? (Asking for my edification - such apps would be trivial to build on Hipmob, so if we're going to do it, I'd welcome some feedback on how - can discuss here or ping me at ayo at hipmob dot com.

Agreement. I was coming here to say much the same thing.

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