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So this strategy is really only effective when you'd like to raise rent by 9.1% per year?

Realize that in many areas, rental increases have legislated maximums, or increased notice periods for any raise above a certain percentage. This is a cunning way around that.

No it's not. Discounts are still governed by rent laws.

It's just a standard 1-month free signup discount followed by annual increases.

There are more options than that. For instance, to obscure a planned increase from $550/month to $660/month, the offer could be two months free: 12 x $550 = 10 x $660.

There's no reason the discount has to be for the full rental amount in a month. To obscure an increase from $550/month to $575/month, the offer could be be $300 off for January: 12 x $550 = $275 + 11 x $575.

A 9.1% price increase per year is more than most businesses pull off, and would make a lot of them very happy.

Every two years, it seems.

It's still every year, but with a one-year lag on the first increase.

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